About Homestyle Salads


To Sicilian-born sisters Nancy and Tina Merenda, it feels like just yesterday that they established ‘Homestyle Vegetable Processors’ in their family market garden in the little southern suburb of Munster in 1987. This first foray into vegetable processing earned the sisters almost $300 a week, which was often a result of supplying the ABC television and radio canteen with potatoes and chips.

With endless dedication and hard work, Homestyle Vegetable Processors steadily grew. For Nancy and Tina, this meant less time with their families and hardly any vacation time, but it was worth it in the name of their new business expansion. Thankfully, they had very understanding husbands and children.

After many months of only supplying potatoes and chips to a growing number of local grocers, Nancy and Tina began supplying pumpkins and celery too. This soon expanded into processed, ready-made salads. By the 1990s, Nancy and Tina had over 40 employees and some major clients, such as Qantas, Woolworths and Pizza Hut.

Flash forward to the present day and the success of Homestyle Salads speaks for itself. Nancy and Tina have fulfilled their dream of being a premium supplier of fresh and ready-made salad products – which are still processed in Munster! Currently, Homestyle Salads boasts many ranges: Leafy Salads, a Gourmet Range, a Heat and Serve range, and a Wet Salads range.

Despite their overwhelming success, Nancy and Tina are not ones to be complacent. Recently, Homestyle Salads underwent a complete rebrand, finding a fresh and reinvigorated new look to match our products. But don’t let our looks fool you. Our core values remain the same: maintaining a proudly WA-owned and operated family business.

At Homestyle Salads, we prioritise quality. Our products are meticulously prepared to recognise Quality Assurance standards. To guarantee top-tier freshness and quality, products are triple washed, processed under controlled factory conditions and transported in refrigerated vehicles. This extends the shelf life of products safely and conveniently.

What’s on the horizon for Homestyle Salads? We hope to continue to grow our organisation, all the while maintaining the highest standards of food quality and production for many years to come.